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How to Maintain Your Two Way Radio

Proper maintenance enable your two way radio reduce the chance of damage, lasting their working life as long as possible. Maintaining your two way radios is easy with a few common sense guidelines and comply with the user manual.

 Regularly inspect and replace your two way radio battery. Replacing battery always help as the battery working life is between 18 and 24 months depends on the amount of usage. Removing your battery from the radio and check the manufacturer's date, to find out the four digit number located on the back of the battery next to the bar code; the first two numbers indicate the year and the second two numbers indicate the week. If the batter is over 24 months old, replace it.

You can check the battery life on top of left corner of the display screen if there is a display screen on your two way radio. If there is no display screen, you can listen to a double beep emitting from the radio when your turning on your radio, which is the indicator for inadequate power.

Check the LED light indicator on the radio's charger. If your radio doesn't seem to be turning on, place it securely in the charger, making sure the contacts of the battery align with the contacts of the charger. Look at the LED light and note what colors are displaying and in what pattern. Check this against the documentation provided with your radio to see what issue is occurring.

It can be helpful to try a battery swap by taking a battery from a functioning radio of the same type, and insert it into the malfunctioning radio. If this resolves the issue, changes are you need a new battery.

Only use battery and charger that are compatible with your radio. Only charge when needed. Overcharging battery will shorten it’s lifespan.

 Store your equipment in a try, cool and clear space with good ventilation. Avoid from the space with extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold, various elements of sunlight and water. Keep the vents clear as it allows heat and air to exit from the internal structure of your radio.  

 Safely store your device, invest in a holster or small carrying case. To help prevent your two-way radio from being damaged if it is accidentally dropped or make hard contact with other surfaces, keep your two way radio in a safe cabinet or other place from damage when you are not use.

 Keep your device away from water even if it has the feature of waterproof. Be sure to keep your radios stored in a dry place and also avoid exposing them to water. Dust and wipe down by regularly clean your devices with a microfiber cloth and a little water. Don’t clean your device with any industrial cleaners or cleaning sprays as the chemicals could corrode or damage your radio.

 Don’t hold or grad your radio by the antenna. Consistently hand hand help the antenna will eventually affect transmission and reception.

 Review the user’s manual. Your two way radio manual always help with lots of great advice about how to take care of your devices. Most even include a troubleshooting guide to help you determine the cause of trouble when things are going wrong. It’s definitely worth your time to review the material.