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  1. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  2. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  3. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  4. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  5. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  6. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  7. Zastone ZT889G Radio
  8. Zastone ZT889G Radio

Zastone ZT889G Radio

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GPS Navigation

10W Output Power

Dual Band, Dual Watch

GPS Navigation

Multitasking Mode

A Must-have for Ham Radio Amateurs

GPS Navigation

GPS with Prompt Response and Accurate Position

Display with Your Real-time Location, Distance and Height

Just One Key to Transmit Your Location


No conversation problem in any demanding environments with ZT-889G.

Transmission Range: 3-10km

ZT-889G of GPS & Craftsmanship

Choice of 99% Outdoor Amateurs

ZT-889G: A Multifunctional Two-way Radio.

You Always Have More Than A Choice.

Camping, Cruising, Golfing, Skiing

Dual Frequency, Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Standby

ZT-889G is also a Relay Station for transmission between VHF and UHF.


Necessity for teamwork: driving fleet, road trip, field working, etc.   


Relay Station for the Same Frequency    Relay Station for Different Frequencies

GPS Navigation, Real-time Location Sharing, Calling Police


ZT-889G unveils the big screen era with expanded screen & tactile keypad.

Different from regular two-way radios, multifunctional ZT-889G is to be extraordinary.


Power Saving by 20%

Eco-friendly Li-ion Battery

ZT-889G is safe with you based on high capacity battery with circuit protection device.


Hi-Fi Audio

Installed with delicate chips, and excellent sound processor like nowhere else.