Q: What is the transmission distance of a two way radio?

A: Normal transmission distance is 8 to 10 km, 3-5km in the urban area. Transmission distance will shorten due to interference of trees, buildings and mountains. When transmission distance above 10 km, a repeater or base station is automatically receiving signal from the radio transmitter to support the network. Transmission network coverage of hand-held radio can expand to 10-20 km, car radio can expand to 30-50 km. It is available in the signal easily blocked places, such as basement, underground parking lot, fire exits, etc.

Q: What factors affect the walkie-talkie transmission distance and communication quality?

A: 1. System parameters

1) The larger capacity of output power, the stronger signal can a transmitter receive, the farther communication distance. But the output power can not be too large as larger capacity will affect the working life of amplifier component. Out of the regulated output power may have the potential risk, such as radioactive contamination.

2) Good receiving sensitivity support long distance communication.

3) The quality and height of antenna may affect the transmitter signal. Generally, hand held walkie-talkie antenna is a spiral antenna, which the bandwidth and signal receiving are vulnerably affect by  human operation.

2.Environmental factors

Transmission distance and quality are vulnerably interference by environmental factors, such as road condition, trees density, magnetic field, building, weather conditions and terrain, etc. Signal will be weaken due to the environmental interference.

3.Other factors

1) Battery power.When battery power is getting off, transmission quality will be getting worse.

2) Antenna matching. When antenna frequency and power impedance aren’t matching the operator’s, transmission distance and quality will getting worse. Antenna should be tighten when switch to the antenna mode. Other incompatible antenna with different frequency should not be used.

Q: Is there radiation when using the two way radio?

A:ZASTONE two way radio was designed strictly comply with provisions of Ministry of Information Industry [2001] File No. 869.   But we suggest to keep 5-7cm away from your body when using the radio.

Q: How can the two way radio make a intercom call?

A:The two way radio can make a intercom call when there is a network connection in both side. It can not make a intercom call when there is only one side connected to the network.

Q: Why there is a restriction of radio frequency?

A:To ensure most of the users can use the frequency without interference, China Radio and Television Association divided the frequency range according to different industries. Users should get the approval from the local institute to use specific frequency.

Q: Is there any instruction for using the walkie-talkie antenna?

A:We suggest using the original or approved HYT antenna. The radio may be damaged if using unauthorized, modified or accessories added antenna, which may also violate the management regulations.

Do not pick up the antenna by hand when using. Do not twist or band or use the damaged antenna as it is easy to get into the accident.

Q: Is there any instructions for using the two way radio battery?

A: We suggest using the HYT original or approved battery, which should not exposed under the sun and close to the electrical conductors, such as water, metal, jewelry, key, etc. The charging time should not be too long as overtime charging may affect the battery’s working life. Battery charging should conduct in the temperature 5 to 40°, less than 80% humidity, ventilated environment.

Q: The volume of sound is lower and intermittent receiving from other parties. 

A:Open the microphone and adjust the volume. If it does not work, please contact the after sales department.

Q: How to maintain the radio?

A: Press button, control knobs and case are easily geting dirty after a long time usage. Neutral washing lotion, wet dishcloth and small duster are suggested to clearn the dirty part. The radio and its outward case may be damaged if clearned by detergent, alcohol, spray or oil, etc. Slightly put down the radio. Do not hand held the antenna. Use the dust-proof case when you aren’t using the earphone and other accessories.

Q:What is the process of using radio safety precautions?

A:The car radio should be arranged beyond the airbag opening range. Otherwise, people may easily injured and car may also easily damaged when the airbag is opening. The two way radio have to turn off in the environment with a fire, explosion or other dangerous sign. Otherwise, it should be obtained the special certification for using in above environment. Do not replace or remove the battery in the dangerous environment as mentioned.

Q: What is the differences between U and V radio?

A:They have different ranges of frequency. Normally, the U-band frequency range is 400-470MHz; the V-ban is 136-174MHz.

Q: In terms of the U and V two way radio,which one is better?

A: It depends on the application environment as they have different electromagnetic wave length, transmission attrition rate. The U-band two way radio is well adapt to the city where there are trees and buildings. The V-band two way radio is good when using in the vast and broad area, such as plain, desert, ocean, etc.